Jul 09 2008


Published by Benjamin Jones

crxMPG isn’t much, but I try to share my journey in making the most as I can out of my car. About 3 years ago I bought a 1991 CRX DX auto, and since then it has completely changed, for the better.

Anyway, crxMPG is really a side project for me, but I try to keep it up to date. For more of the stuff I do (a lot to do with fuel economy) check out my site.

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  1. Eric Langmanon 07 Dec 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Hi Benjamin!
    I just stumbled upon your website tonight, and I’m so happy!
    I feel like I’ve found my long lost brother in you! hahaha…. .
    well, really, I didn’t know that there are other nuts like me around here, and especially right here in NJ!!! ( I notice you have a NJ plate on your red CRX)
    I’ll explain briefly…
    I’ve had a love affair with the CRX ever since the 2nd gen models were introduced in 1988. However, at that time I was just out of college, and working for another car company that I was one of the founding members at, so buying a car from a competing dealer was a bit out of the question…
    However, sometime in 1996/97 I was driving around my home town (New Brunswick) and noticed a really sweet looking white CRX HF parked outside someone’s house with a “For Sale” sign on it. I knocked on the door of the house it was parked next to, and 24 hours later I was the proud new owner of a really decent condition 1990 CRX HF. Well, I drove that car everywhere and sometimes even managed to get just shy of 50mpg with it. I had a great time owning that car, but after the WTC attacks on Sept 11th, I decided that I had enough of living around Rutgers and it was time to move on (I lost a few acquaintances who worked there that day and I was getting too old to stay in a college town also). I decided to move overseas and found a job teaching in Thailand. Unfortunately during this time, my father did not want my CRX parked in his driveway, so I took it to my friend’s house, and within a few months he was telling me he couldn’t keep it there either, so I reluctantly gave him permission to sell it. He got only $1500 for it, and it was mint! :( Well…
    to make this long story shorter, I ended up coming back here to help my father with his business when he got very sick, and so starting in 2004/05 I was looking to replace my old CRX. Even though I inherited a nice 91 Si model from my ex-gf who didn’t want it anymore, the efficiency/engineering genes in me wouldn’t reset until I found another HF I could do hypermiling with. I finally found a decent 91 HF last year, and since then I’ve been looking for a 92-95 VX also, but they seem so rare, and when a nice one appears someone else always beats me to it! However, after doing a lot of research into the specs of these cars, I have been wondering what it would take to adapt a VX drivetrain to work in my CRX body…..
    .. and now, voila! I just found your website (great job you’re doing on it so far also)….
    Currently, I have a small collection of cars, body shells, parts cars, etc… and I’m just looking for someone who I can learn from as far as what parts are compatible with other parts, etc, in order to do this “inverse swap”… *inverted from the normal highpower hop ups, as the desired goal is increased efficiency, not just raw power*
    I have several ideas for how I’m going to clean up the exterior of my car also. I’ve so far treated the windshield with Rain-X, removed the wipers, I’ve designed some rear wheel fender fairings, and I’m working on smoothing out the airflow underneath the car also. (this is the aeronautical designer in me exerting its urges also! – my other interest/passion is flying and building airplanes)
    In any case, I’ve looked at Insights, and I’ve almost splurged the $9,000-16,000 it takes to get a really nice one, but in the end I always step back from the edge before committing to one of these simply because the added mileage (I’m assuming I could get roughly 60-70mpg) isn’t worth sacrificing the interior space and utility that the basic CRX offers.
    I have some other kind of extreme ideas in mind that I’d like to try eventually on my CRX too… things that would help by removing excess weight (spending for carbon fiber body panels (hood, hatch) possibly swapping out some glass for plexiglass. I’ve already tossed the spare, and the A/C. I’d like to get total driving weight down to around 1500 if possible.
    Well, anyway… Thats a bit about me..
    Its nice to meet/get to know you… and kudos for creating your website here.
    - Eric

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