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Jul 11 2008

Introducing Ecomodder.com: A fuel economy forum for everyone

Every so often I get questions and comments from kind crxMPG browsers and wish I had a better place for them to interact and to learn more than I can offer about fuel economy. Luckily, a friend, Darin, and I have just set up our own forum over at ecomodder.com. Please stop on by to ask questions and learn even more about fuel economy!

So what is ecomodding
Ecomodding is, quite simply, changing your car, or your habits, in order to get better fuel economy, save some money, and save the environment. We ecomodders, like cars, whether it’s driving or just tinkering. Some of us (like myself) also love discussing cycling, public transportation, and other things related to the greater transportation experience.

The main thing to remember when coming to ecomodder is that we believe strongly in accurate testing and the fact that there is no silver bullet that will lead to increased fuel economy. However, a lot of little things can add up to a big increase.

So stop on by, looking forward to seeing you!

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