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Jul 11 2008

DIY PCV Catch Can

Published by Benjamin Jones under Gas Mileage

Part of having your engine perform well is having it in the very cleanest of shapes it can be in. The engine does some of this work itself by using it’s positive crankcase ventilation system, but this system simply throws the gunk throught the intake to be burnt. What is preferable, especially on a high performance engine, is to have said junk trapped before it can reach the intake manifold. This is done by adding a PCV catch can in line with the system to collect the oil on its way to the intake.

Purpose: To prevent gunk from being cycled back through the engine. After it’s caught you can just toss it with your old oil to be recycled.

Time: 12 minutes

- Knife
- Pliers
- 14mm Wrench

-Air Compressor Filter (11.49 at Home Depot)
-Two Fittings (1.17 each at Home Depot)

Look at your parts.

De-package them.

Get them put together, I used a 14mm, tightened like hell, only screwed in that far. Take out the filter from the middle! I forgot at first, which is why it isn’t out in the picture:

Locate your PCV line. You can determine it cuz it’ll only flow one way, should be into the manifold. Note that I also aligned the filter with this flow, it has a little arrow on the side to indicate the flow direction.

Cut a hole in the line and stick it in, I added some extra line just to move it to the side.

Take a look at in in use after just a few hundred miles:

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