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Jul 09 2008

CRX Radio Antenna Removal

Have you ever hated the look of your radio antenna? Or maybe been bothered by all the aerodynamic drag? I have. Solution: It’s gone!

Purpose: To cut down on aerodynamic drag and improve the look of the car.

Time: 15 minutes

- Flathead Screwdriver

- Block Off Plate
- Gasket
- Reused Screws

You can get this stuff at the local dealership or online (cheaper) at one of these places.

Here’s the antenna. Undo the two screws and yank it out. Make sure to unplug the other end from the stereo.

Awful picture of the antenna on the ground:

The left over hole:

The two parts, I spent about 10 bucks on both:

Put them on with the old screws:

Admire your work:

The CRX no longer looks like an RC car! Quick and easy (mehbe not too important) but it was certainly worth it to me.

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